Greyhound General gives back to the community

Greyhound General is making a big splash in the news again. This time it has nothing to do with the amazing remodeling jobs they’ve done or the numerous happy clients they’ve earned. It is about their work in the community. Greyhound has worked with several service projects in the past, including Smile Train, Bitterroot Therapeutic Handicap Riding, Halvarsons Romania Outreach, and The Susan G Komen Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk.

Another organization that has benefited from Greyhound’s generosity is Interfaith Community Services. This past December, Greyhound donated blankets, socks, and gloves for men, women and children. They also donated numerous turkeys and cases of food to help feed the needy families of the Interfaith Community during the holiday season. At a time when unemployment is high and foreclosures are rampant many families are simply unable to make ends meet. These families rely on the generosity of those who give to Interfaith to help them with the very basic necessities.

Businesses like Greyhound General truly reflect the generosity and caring that makes our world a better place. They strive to not only make a difference for home owners who use their services, but also for those who don’t have a home and are in need of help.

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