Tips for upgrading your backyard

In a previous post, Outdoor Kitchen Remodeling and Design- the newest trend, I mentioned a few ideas for building an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are great for families that like to have family and friends over to cook and entertain outside. However, there are several things you can do as a home owner to remodel and improve your backyard before you even consider that amazing outdoor kitchen.

For starters you may want to consider:

  • Upgrading the lighting- Improving the light can brighten your backyard and make it more inviting
  • Improve the landscaping- This could be fairly easy or a huge project. Planting flowers in an empty flower bed is a good start. Re-sodding your law and plating trees and shrubs is a bit more labor intensive. If you want to go all out you can consider stone walkways and water fountains
  • Replace the deck- Decks can last a long time if they are properly constructed and maintained. It is always a good idea to restain or repaint your deck every year or so to preserve it. If there is rotting then you may be able to simply replace some of the wood. However, if there is significant rotting you’ll want to replace the deck entirely
  • Utilize a tool shed- Unless your garage is exceptionally organized you might want to consider a tool shed. This especially true if you’re using you garage to park in or for more than just tool storage. These sheds can be found in many different sizes and materials for as little as $200-$300

Of course, you may just be in need of a total backyard makeover. Maybe you’re looking to add that guest cottage to the backyard you’ve been dreaming of, or maybe you want to add that new deck with the hot tub. Whatever the case, San Diego general contractor, Greyhound General can help you with more than just your home and kitchen remodeling needs. Contact Greyhound today for a free estimate, or call 800-568-7108.

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