Greyhound Difference

The Greyhound Difference

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Most people become contractors because they have a high degree of skill in one trade, such as plumbing, or carpentry etc. The areas of difficulty usually appear in other areas beyond this singular skill. Many good tradesmen are poor businessmen, poorly organized; do not get along well with their customers, sub contractors and even some employees. It is in these and other areas where the lack of training or work discipline translates into poorly planned jobs, grumbling workers or a delay in the start or completion of a job.

Dave Jovin the owner of Greyhound General is the huge exception to the rule as he appears to customers, sub contractors and employees to be bullet proof. He has lead by example and created a culture of promptness by returning customers phone calls quickly and resolving fairly any issues that arise exclusively in the customers favor. He is “Mr. Yes” to his customers as he works tirelessly to create what is the most important thing that to him is customer satisfaction that leads to referrals of new work from previous projects. One of the most significant difference between Greyhound General and other contractors is that once GGI signs a contract they have never, and will never, go back to a customer and ask for more money for what is promised within the scope of work put forth in the contract. All jobs not only come in on time, but they also come in on budget as promised by the signed contract.

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