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Many times a home can be made to feel larger and more spacious by removing interior walls and or relocating kitchens and bathrooms. Some walls are not load bearing and their removal is seamless. However, even if Greyhound General encounters a bearing wall, provisions can be made to deal with structural issues, and we can still remove all or part of a wall so that your master plan and new design can be realized.

In some cases two story homes have large great rooms with very high ceilings. These homes are often eligible to be able to add a “loft” within the footprint of the existing floor plan. We call this project an “Inside Addition”. Construction time is usually about a month and the cost is far less than building a room onto the outside of the home. Bedrooms, computer offices, bathrooms, family rooms or even a study where you can retreat and decompress from the stress of the day can be created in a short time and at an affordable cost with no property tax consequences to the homeowner.

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