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Dear Dave,

Thanks again for building such a beautiful addition to our home. We appreciate the efforts of your crew to create a comfortable and positive experience throughout the project. Careful to detail and listening to our wishes. Thank you! We can’t sing your praises enough! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Melinda, Todd & Jeremy

Dear Dave & Kathy,

Bill & I don’t really know how to thank you. After the very poor beginning to our remodel project, you were truly a “breath of fresh air.” There are so many ways to appreciate your worth, from how timely you guys always were, to the quality of works, to how helpful & easy everyone (well, except for the rowdy carpenters) was to work with, to finishing on time, etc. I’ll always remember on a couple of days, one of the guy remarked “There are five trades working here!!” wow! So, thank you again & again. Of course, if you ever need a recommendation or to show off your wok, will be the first in line!



Thanks, Grehound General

Dave, my wife and I went to make this opportunity to extend our thanks for the successful completion of the garage remodeling and , two bedroom addition to our home. You can’t imagine how happy we are with the result of this project which you designed and , completed for us. It exceeds what we had expected in every respect. We want to recognize your diligence in addressing all the challenges that we faced with the building permits and , plan changes due to in some cases by zoning requirements and , some at our request to maximize the bedroom sizes. All of your employees were courteous and attentive to our need while working at the construction site. They reflect good credit on the professionalism of Greyhound General Construction Company.

We would recommend your company to anyone considering any type of construction project to improve their home.

Thanks very much.

Dave Jovin & the team at Greyhound General:

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks for the wonderful kitchen remodel done by all the great people at Greyhound. The employees of Greyhound are what make your company so wonderful to work with. Our first impression of your company war through your representative Dave Probst, who gave his time so graciously to put the deal together and answer all our questions so quickly. Dave Jovin we really appreciate all the time you spent to manage tis project by being there personally through all the different phases of construction. Dave you exceeded all our expectations and went above and beyond all that needed to be done. We personally thank you for your character and integrity and the way you treated us and our property through ou the entire project. This is also true of all the subs Greyhound used on our project. We also appreciated Gayle’s help, coming out several times to go over all the options for the cabinets and details. Gayle are always quick to get back to us to answer questions. And of course we loved Don, your lead carpenter, who did a great job working on the project. We really appreciate all the time and effort Don took to do such a great job and also going above and beyond our expectations to give us the best customer service possible. We love our beautiful kitchen and we are very happy and satisfied with all the work that Greyhound provided.

Thank you

Fallbrook, CA

Dear Dave,

When I planned my additional and remodel, all the comments I heard from friends who had done something similar, were negative. I was advised it would not go according to plan, it would take longer, it would cost more, contractors were like used car salesmen, crews were messy, arrived late, and left early. My work did go according to plan, it did not take longer. In fact, when I had company arriving, you worked diligently to get certain things done in advance. It did not go over budget, you are not like a used car salesmen, and the crews were punctual, neat and courteous.

The biggest problem I had with my remodel was keeping all the Dave’s identified! Your estimator, Dave, was kind, courteous, honest and punctual. He was exceptionally knowledgeable and offered me lots of great and appropriate advice. The chief electrician, Dave, was great and we enjoyed his company every time he was in the house. Every crew that came to my house was punctual, considerate and exceptionally neat and tidy. I am amazed that with a kitchen remodel I barely lost use of my kitchen. (Darn you for that, it would have been nice to have an excuse to eat out for weeks!) If I ever had reason to call you or the foreman on the job, either I reached you directly, or my call was returned within an hour.

The whole remodel turned out better than I ever expected. I cannot praise you or your crews enough. Thank you so much for everything. I look forward to having enough cash to extend that master bedroom, or better yet, put that second story on!

If you ever wants to show this work to a prospective client, please feel free to give out my telephone number. I wish you continued success and happiness.

Kind Regards


Dear Dave,

Thank you for making our experience with remodeling painless. We heard from friends & family remodeling is not a good idea. Just sell and buy new one. We’re glad stayed with our plan to just remodel our house, We’re lucky that we choose your company to remodel our home. John really did a good job creating a good architecture plan & your company working on the plan. Gayle was a good help for us. She did her job well.

Thank again & Good Luck to you, & your company.

We’re Happy and Satisfied Customer.

All the Best.

The Staff at Greyhound General,

In May of 2005 I decided to remodel my kitchen. I received three estimates and, after careful consideration, I decided to give the contract to Greyhound General, Inc. in June. From the first meeting with your estimator, David Probst to your designer, Gayle Haug and Owner, David Jovin, I was certain that I had the best team. This decision proved to be correct. The remodel, which I had been warned could be a nightmare to endure, was such a positive and, actually, a fun experience.

You completed the work in timely manner. All of my suggestions were accepted- cheerfully. As the work progressed, I to make additional changes, such as adding as additional room to change the flooring and updated the windows. These projects were quickly accepted and completed also.

At Greyhound you coordinated with the floor-tile people, with the counter people and with the appliance company without any effort on my part except to choose the products that I wanted.

Your entire staff of workers were professional, efficient and always cleaned up after themselves every day!

Months later I had a small problem with one of the pull-out shelves that I had overloaded, and you repaired it the day after I contact Greyhound. Over a year later, I had a leak in the ceiling and called David Jovin. You were out that same day with your crew and determined that the real problem was my older roof. You assisted me in finding a great roofing contractors to install a new roof, and Greyhound repaired the kitchen ceiling free of charge – I was astonished.

All in all, the entire experience with Greyhound General was so positive, I have given your name a to any friend considering remodeling their home, and it is a pleasure to write this letter of praise for your work and for your work ethic.

If you ever need a contact for future customers to call, please have them call me at.


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