How to find the right general contractor in San Diego

When you decide to remodel any aspect of your home, whether it be your bathroom, kitchen or multiple rooms, you are likely to be faced with the tedious chore of choosing a contractor. To start you need to be sure that any contractor you’re considering has a valid contractor’s license, valid workman’s compensation and valid liability insurance. In order to verify this you need proof from the contractor. Furthermore, you’ll want to get as many references from the contractor as possible.

There are many important questions to ask these references. Here are just a few important questions to ask:

  • Did you have an opportunity to see and approve the plans prior to the start of the job?
  • Did the job start on time?
  • Did they clean the work area before leaving for the day?
  • Did the quality of the work live up to your expectations and what they promised?
  • Did the job get completed on time?
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Did they ever ask for money before the phase of work was completed and before they were entitled to be paid? Did workers or sub contractors make asides or complain they were not being paid on time or were worried about getting their money at all? This is a huge red flag.
  • For your next home remodeling project consider a well respected San Diego general contractor with an impeccable record.