Latest Work by Greyhound General in Clairemont

Greyhound General is at it again with another San Diego remodel. This project was in the Clairemont area of San Diego and it involved a an exterior home remodel as well as an interior kitchen remodel. Check out the before photo below…

The project involved moving the garage and adding on to the existing house. As you can see int he after photo below the siding, roofing and paint job were also updated.

If you’re looking to update or remodel your home, and your in the Clairemont area, or any area of San Diego, please leave Greyhound General a message here, or call us directly at 800-568-7108.

What to Look For in a General Contractor

Finding a home remodeling contractor can be an arduous task. It takes time to review all the potential candidates for the job, get bids and make the final decision. However, it can be a lot less painful if you have a plan coming in.

Here are the steps you should take when evaluating a contractor for a potential job:

1) Determine the need or want for the remodel- Have you been saving for this remodel? Have you prepped any area for a potential remodel? Your answers don’t necessarily need to be “yes” for either of these questions, but you should know right away that remodeling jobs cost thousands of dollars, so prioritize your finances. I would not recommend financing the remodel unless it is a need, or unless you get a low rate on a loan you can pay back relatively quickly.

2) Do some basic online research for price ranges and determine your budget- If you’ve taken the next step and decided that this is a priority then do a little research to figure out a ball park for the remodeling job as best you can. Indoor areas, such as kitchens or bathrooms, have concrete square footage, so they’re easier to estimate.

3) Do a little more research online to find a few companies that you’d like to ask to give you a bid- If you’re satisfied that the ballpark is within your budget then start to research companies online. Find a handful online and start to go through their website. Do they have…

Also, make sure they’re licensed contractors, carry workers compensation and are fully insured. You can research that information in your state’s Department of Consumer Affairs website. Here’s a link to California’s website.

Finally, check out their online reviews. Then start to narrow your candidates down.

4) Call at least 3 contractors who you’ve narrowed down in your research to come and give you an estimate– Between the time you called each one and the estimate make sure you have examined their website and reviews in more detail. Also take note of:

  • how quickly they responded to your phone call or email
  • how quickly an estimate was scheduled
  • how courteous they were throughout the process
  • how thorough the estimate process was
5) Evaluate each bid– This is often the most difficult part of the process. You need to keep in mind that price shouldn’t be the determining factor. Trust your instincts, and if you felt good about the way you’ve been treated by a certain company above others, then you should go with your gut. Just make sure that you’ve had a chance to speak with at least one former client of the contractor who had similar work done. This will ensure that the testimonials and reviews are all inline.
Remember, choosing a general contractor is not an quick process. It’s like buying a car; you need to do your research and take your time evaluating your options. The good news is that most contractors don’t operate like used car salesmen. With sufficient research you should be able to quickly narrow down your candidates and make a decision.
If you’re in the San Diego area and looking for a quality home remodeling company then contact
San Diego general contractor Greyhound General for a free estimate, or simply call 800-568-7108.

Bedroom Remodeling Ideas

Whether you’d like to add on to your existing home or remodel your master suite, bedroom remodeling can be quite a chore. Thankfully, if you hire a professional the job can be timely and stress-free. Since the bedroom should be one of the most relaxing and comfortable places in your home, you need to make sure that everything from the ground up reflects this comfort.

Here are some areas to focus on with your remodeling contractor in order to ensure maximum comfort in your new bedroom:

1) Size of the room: If you’re adding on to your home you’ll need to talk to an architect about how much room around your house you can sacrifice to add this new bedroom. If you’re simply combining two bedrooms or enlarging a second story bedroom you’ll still need the help of an architect to make sure the dimensions are accurate.

2) Flooring: Carpet or Hardwood? This can be a tough choice because carpet provides a softness and warmth, while hardwood provides style and elegance. Your might base you decision on the flooring for the rest of the house, or you can simply disregard the rest of the house and make your newly remodeled room different. Your contractor should advise you on the best options.

3) Crown Molding & Trim: Nothing says style and elegance quite like very nice crown molding and trim. You can review all the styles and options with your contractor.

4) Walls: Paint or wallpaper? Or both? Like flooring, this can be a difficult decision. Remember that lighter and softer colors make the room appear more well-lit and inviting, which is exactly what you want in a bedroom.

If you considering a bedroom addition or remodeling an existing bedroom there are a lot of tough choices to make. However, if you have the right general contractor to help these decisions can be a lot easier to make. More importantly, a full service general contractor will walk you through all the steps for the project, including permits, architectural analysis, and much more.

If you’re in the San Diego area and you’re considering a bedroom addition or a bedroom remodel then contact Greyhound General today or call 800-568-7108.

Spring Cleaning Ideas from Greyhound General

Spring is officially here, as is April, and Greyhound General is here to help you organize you spring cleaning “to do” list. Here is a breakdown of different ideas for projects you can take on around the house:

  • Dusting: No one likes to dust, but as we enter Spring, and allergy season, it is very important to dust. Some hot spots are: ceiling fans, base boards, lamps & lights, wall corners, wall art, your entertainment center, and household appliances. You’ll likely want to wipe down each of these areas after you’ve removed the dust.
  • Clean the oven and refrigerator: Sweep underneath both units first and then clean the inside thoroughly. Remember to vacuum the coils of your unplugged refrigerator
  • Run the dishwasher empty: Add vinegar or baking soda to the empty dishwasher before running it
  • Take down drapes, curtains and blinds: And wash them thoroughly. Also take down window screens and rinse.
  • Clean the toilet, shower and tub: Wash your shower curtain while you’re at it. Remember to use a commercial cleaner to scrub away soap scum build-up
  • Clean the carpets and rugs: Take your rugs outside and shake any loose dust out of them. If you haven’t had a professional clean your carpets in over 6 months consider calling a carpet cleaner. You may also want them to treat your rug.
  • Vacuum couch and chairs: Take the couch apart and use a vacuum attachment to get in all the crevices. Consider using a rug shampoo machine if a couch or chair is particularly soiled.
  • Mop up: Consider mopping the non-carpeted areas of your homes, especially your kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Organize: Take a look at your garage, basement or attic and come up with a plan of attack to better organize these areas. This may mean you have to throw away some items. More than likely you’ll want to pull everything out of these rooms and then analyze the space before you put the room back together. Big plastic bins and filing cabinets are a must.

So you’ve tackled your entire spring cleaning list and you’re wondering what’s next? Well, take a look at the rooms you’ve reorganized. Could they be better utilized? Maybe you’ve moved all your storage to the attic, freeing up room in the basement or garage? Maybe your reorganizing of the garage or multi-purpose room freed up half the room?

Whatever the case may be, if you’re considering a home remodeling project of any kind this Spring, consider Greyhound General. Contact Greyhound to see how they can help with your next home improvement project, or call 800-568-7108.