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New Encinitas Home Remodel

Greyhound General’s latest project was a home remodel in Encinitas, CA. This exterior makeover consisted of several key highlights, including

  • 2 new bedrooms
  • New laundry room
  • New bathroom
  • Family room extension
  • New garage and driveway
  • New stucco and fencing

In addition to the quality work, one of the highlights of this project was the fact that it was completed in only two months!

Here are some of the transformations for this remodeling project:

encinitas home remodel1

encinitas home remodel2

encinitas home remodel3

encinitas home remodel4

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Dance Studio Remodel

One of Greyhound General’s most recent projects was a unique one: a remodel of a dance studio in San Diego. You can see some of the “before” photos below. Scroll down to the the transformation in our “after” photos.

dance studio 1 before dance studio 2 before dance studio 3 before dance studio 4 before


Take a look at the transformation with the “after” photos below…

dance studio after 1 dance studio after 2 dance studio after 3 dance studio after 4

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Brilliant Cardiff Back Yard Remodel

One of Greyhound’s most recent projects involved a beautiful home in Cardiff-by-the-Sea. This project was primarily a backyard remodel, including the installation of privacy fencing, a BBQ area fire bowl and more.

backyard remodel 1
backyard remodeling 2 backyard remodeling 3

The project also involved some other work. In addition to a full interior paint job, Greyhound also installed a new front driveway. Take a look at some more stunning photos below.

front driveway remodel interior painting sunset

If you’d like to check out some more backyard remodels by Greyhound click here. To learn more or to request a free consultation just leave us a message here. You can also call Greyhound directly at 800-568-7108.


Another New Kitchen Remodel from Greyhound

Out with the old and in with the new! Greyhound General is at it again! They’ve finished up yet another kitchen remodel for a San Diego family.

You can check out the amazing transformation below. Here are some of the “before” images…

g old 4


g old 2

g old 1

And the result? Check out the new:

  • cabinets
  • counter tops
  • appliances
  • and more…

san diego kitchen remodel san diego kitchen remodeling san diego kitchen remodeling projects

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San Marcos Kitchen Remodeling Project

Greyhound General has been busy with several kitchen remodels around the San Diego area. The latest project involved a home in San Marcos. Here’s what the kitchen looked like pre-remodel:

2 old4 old3 old

Here are some of the details of this kitchen remodel:

  • remove non-bearing walls
  • installed a larger window
  • updated counter tops
  • updated cabinets
  • much more…

And the finished product? Check out the results of this kitchen remodel that was completed in only 20 days!

kitchen remodel san marcos, cakitchen remodeling san marcos, cakitchen remodel in san marcos, ca 3 new

If you’d like to learn more about Greyhound General’s remodeling services, or you’re interested in a free consultation, leave us a note here or call 800-568-7108.

Beautiful Backyard Remodel in Carlsbad

Greyhound’s latest project was a backyard transformation for a home in Carlsbad. The design was done by Laura Wireman of Innerspace Designs, and Greyhound provided the actual building plans, permits and engineering.

Some of the projects highlights are:

  • steel pavilion
  • palapa: powder coated steel with “Hardi siding”
  • landscaping
  • landscape lighting
  • fireplace: using natural gas
  • spa

The palapa weighed 1,900 lbs and the support bolder was over one ton, so that in itself made the project a little more challenging. You can see this incredible transformation here:

Special thanks to our sub-contractors and designers, including the aforementioned Laura Wireman; PoolSpecs of San Diego, who constructed the spa; and National Quarries in San Marcos, who provided the granite and did an incredible job on the BBQ countertop, the round palapa bar top, and supporting bolder.

If you’d like to learn more about remodeling your backyard then leave Greyhound a message here, or call us at 800-568-7108.


Beautiful Kitchen & Bath Remodel in Scripps Ranch

One of Greyhound’s most recent projects was a kitchen and bathroom remodel in the Scripps Ranch area of San Diego.

Here are some of the kitchen remodel highlights:

  • new cabinets go all the way up to the 9’ ceiling line for additional storage
  • very modern, sleek and minimalist kitchen look & feel, which is becoming more popular in San Diego

scripps ranch bathroom remodel

Here are some of the bathroom remodel highlights:

  • concrete shower and floor
  • ¾” thick glass counter tops lit thru the edges with LED strip lighting
  • Ipe wood bench that appears to have no visible means of support underneath (used a stainless steel angle iron bracket which we attached to the studs). Welded to that bracket were 1-1/4” stainless steel all thread that was drilled thru the individual Ipe boards at the spacer blocks. The bench actually goes through the glass shower wall (the glass was notched out for the bench)
  • the vanities also are “floating” and are supported by brackets coming out of the wall (no legs)

scripps ranch kitchen remodel

If you’d like to learn more about updating or upgrading your kitchen or bathroom talk to Greyhound General today. We serve the greater San Diego are, and we’d be happy to come out and give you a free estimate. Just fill out the form here or call 800-568-7108.

Stunning Mission Hills Home Remodel

Greyhound General’s latest work is an amazing home remodel of a early 1920’s home in Mission Hills. The house, despite it’s beautiful view of the San Diego bay, had very little work done to it since it was constructed.

The project involved:

  • stripping the house to the studs
  • pushing out the lower floor by 10′ to enlarge the master bedroom and bathroom
  • relocating most of the interior rooms of the house (including the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms)
  • extensive engineering (beams on the roof) was required to eliminate many of the walls on the second floor. This created one large open room for the living room and kitchen
  • pushed out the living room on the second floor to make it larger
  • added extremely high-quality bath and kitchen accessories, including cantina doors, wine grotto in the original part of the basement, exterior deck with glass rails, new windows and more!

As you’ll see by the following video, our description of the work doesn’t quite do it justice. Just see for yourself this amazing transformation:

Latest Work by Greyhound General in Clairemont

Greyhound General is at it again with another San Diego remodel. This project was in the Clairemont area of San Diego and it involved a an exterior home remodel as well as an interior kitchen remodel. Check out the before photo below…

The project involved moving the garage and adding on to the existing house. As you can see int he after photo below the siding, roofing and paint job were also updated.

If you’re looking to update or remodel your home, and your in the Clairemont area, or any area of San Diego, please leave Greyhound General a message here, or call us directly at 800-568-7108.

Spring Cleaning Ideas from Greyhound General

Spring is officially here, as is April, and Greyhound General is here to help you organize you spring cleaning “to do” list. Here is a breakdown of different ideas for projects you can take on around the house:

  • Dusting: No one likes to dust, but as we enter Spring, and allergy season, it is very important to dust. Some hot spots are: ceiling fans, base boards, lamps & lights, wall corners, wall art, your entertainment center, and household appliances. You’ll likely want to wipe down each of these areas after you’ve removed the dust.
  • Clean the oven and refrigerator: Sweep underneath both units first and then clean the inside thoroughly. Remember to vacuum the coils of your unplugged refrigerator
  • Run the dishwasher empty: Add vinegar or baking soda to the empty dishwasher before running it
  • Take down drapes, curtains and blinds: And wash them thoroughly. Also take down window screens and rinse.
  • Clean the toilet, shower and tub: Wash your shower curtain while you’re at it. Remember to use a commercial cleaner to scrub away soap scum build-up
  • Clean the carpets and rugs: Take your rugs outside and shake any loose dust out of them. If you haven’t had a professional clean your carpets in over 6 months consider calling a carpet cleaner. You may also want them to treat your rug.
  • Vacuum couch and chairs: Take the couch apart and use a vacuum attachment to get in all the crevices. Consider using a rug shampoo machine if a couch or chair is particularly soiled.
  • Mop up: Consider mopping the non-carpeted areas of your homes, especially your kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Organize: Take a look at your garage, basement or attic and come up with a plan of attack to better organize these areas. This may mean you have to throw away some items. More than likely you’ll want to pull everything out of these rooms and then analyze the space before you put the room back together. Big plastic bins and filing cabinets are a must.

So you’ve tackled your entire spring cleaning list and you’re wondering what’s next? Well, take a look at the rooms you’ve reorganized. Could they be better utilized? Maybe you’ve moved all your storage to the attic, freeing up room in the basement or garage? Maybe your reorganizing of the garage or multi-purpose room freed up half the room?

Whatever the case may be, if you’re considering a home remodeling project of any kind this Spring, consider Greyhound General. Contact Greyhound to see how they can help with your next home improvement project, or call 800-568-7108.