Stunning Mission Hills Home Remodel

Greyhound General’s latest work is an amazing home remodel of a early 1920’s home in Mission Hills. The house, despite it’s beautiful view of the San Diego bay, had very little work done to it since it was constructed.

The project involved:

  • stripping the house to the studs
  • pushing out the lower floor by 10′ to enlarge the master bedroom and bathroom
  • relocating most of the interior rooms of the house (including the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms)
  • extensive engineering (beams on the roof) was required to eliminate many of the walls on the second floor. This created one large open room for the living room and kitchen
  • pushed out the living room on the second floor to make it larger
  • added extremely high-quality bath and kitchen accessories, including cantina doors, wine grotto in the original part of the basement, exterior deck with glass rails, new windows and more!

As you’ll see by the following video, our description of the work doesn’t quite do it justice. Just see for yourself this amazing transformation: