New Backyard Remodel in San Marcos

Greyhound General’s latest backyard remodeling project was for a customer we have done work for in the past, starting with a new kitchen in 2009 and a new master bath remodel in 2014.

This San Marcos home had a backyard with several issues, including a leaking water fixture. Greyhound helped to:

  • remove the leaking water feature
  • Construct a new retaining wall and firepit
  • Install quartzite on patio and a retaining wall cap

This project was completed in only two weeks! You can see the before photo here:

before backyard remodel in San Marcos


…And after Greyhound’s work:

backyard remodel project  san marcos

after backyard remodel san marcos

If you’d like to learn more about how you can give your backyard a “facelift,” then please leave us a message here or call 800-568-7108.

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Dance Studio Remodel

One of Greyhound General’s most recent projects was a unique one: a remodel of a dance studio in San Diego. You can see some of the “before” photos below. Scroll down to the the transformation in our “after” photos.

dance studio 1 before dance studio 2 before dance studio 3 before dance studio 4 before


Take a look at the transformation with the “after” photos below…

dance studio after 1 dance studio after 2 dance studio after 3 dance studio after 4

To learn more or to request a free consultation just leave us a message here. You can also call Greyhound directly at 800-568-7108.

Brilliant Cardiff Back Yard Remodel

One of Greyhound’s most recent projects involved a beautiful home in Cardiff-by-the-Sea. This project was primarily a backyard remodel, including the installation of privacy fencing, a BBQ area fire bowl and more.

backyard remodel 1
backyard remodeling 2 backyard remodeling 3

The project also involved some other work. In addition to a full interior paint job, Greyhound also installed a new front driveway. Take a look at some more stunning photos below.

front driveway remodel interior painting sunset

If you’d like to check out some more backyard remodels by Greyhound click here. To learn more or to request a free consultation just leave us a message here. You can also call Greyhound directly at 800-568-7108.


Another New Kitchen Remodel from Greyhound

Out with the old and in with the new! Greyhound General is at it again! They’ve finished up yet another kitchen remodel for a San Diego family.

You can check out the amazing transformation below. Here are some of the “before” images…

g old 4


g old 2

g old 1

And the result? Check out the new:

  • cabinets
  • counter tops
  • appliances
  • and more…

san diego kitchen remodel san diego kitchen remodeling san diego kitchen remodeling projects

If you’d like to transform your kitchen then talk to Greyhound General today. Just send us your information or give us a call at 800-568-7108 to schedule your free consultation!

San Marcos Kitchen Remodeling Project

Greyhound General has been busy with several kitchen remodels around the San Diego area. The latest project involved a home in San Marcos. Here’s what the kitchen looked like pre-remodel:

2 old4 old3 old

Here are some of the details of this kitchen remodel:

  • remove non-bearing walls
  • installed a larger window
  • updated counter tops
  • updated cabinets
  • much more…

And the finished product? Check out the results of this kitchen remodel that was completed in only 20 days!

kitchen remodel san marcos, cakitchen remodeling san marcos, cakitchen remodel in san marcos, ca 3 new

If you’d like to learn more about Greyhound General’s remodeling services, or you’re interested in a free consultation, leave us a note here or call 800-568-7108.

Mandatory Water Restrictions Are Here

water restrictions san diegoLast week the San Diego City Council voted unanimously to make voluntary water restrictions mandatory, starting on November 1st. This was promoted by a continuing drought, and the announcement from the water wholesaler for Southern California, Metropolitan Water District, that it has only 49% of its usual water storage capacity available.

Back in March, we addressed the drought with some tips for drought-resistant landscaping. In that article I noted how I was able to lower my family’s monthly water bill from around $450 to less than $85 per month!

As we’ve seen over the past few months, demand for synthetic lawns has increased dramatically. Another solution to this drought is to plant cacti, succulents and euphorbia. These plants are perfect for areas with little to no water (and they look nice too).

We’re happy to announce our partnership with Desert Theater Nursery in Escondido. They have one of the largest and most exotic selection of drought-resistant plants in all of San Diego county.

If you’ve been contemplating an outdoor remodeling project you may want to incorporate landscaping that’ll help you save money. Talk to San Diego’s Greyhound General today to learn more about your landscape remodeling options. You can check out one of our latest projects here.

To schedule your free consultation just leave us a note here or call 800-568-7108.

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

San Diego Fall Home MaintenancePart of the allure of the greater San Diego area is the climate. You can count on it being pleasant for pretty much the entire year. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t experience changes in the seasons. For home owners, it’s always a good idea to prepare your home for Winter.

Here are some home maintenance to-dos to look into in the Fall…

1) Heating: did you know that heating and cooling often amount to nearly 50% of a home’s energy bill? If you’re heating or cooling you want to make sure that your home is properly sealed. Check for air leaks around windows & doors and apply weather stripping and caulking as needed. Also, check for places around the exterior where pipes enter your home from the outside. You’ll want to make sure these are sealed.

You’ll also want to make sure that your air ducts are clean. It’s generally recommended that you have these cleaned every 3-5 years. If you have a fireplace you’ll want to make sure it’s in working order. Like your air ducts, you’ll want to have your chimney swept frequently. Many professionals recommend annual chimney inspections.

2) Appliances: As the weather starts to cool you’ll want to switch the direction your ceiling fans rotate in order to create an upward draft and redistribute warmer air from the ceiling.

Fall, like Spring, is also a good time to test and change the batteries for your smoke detectors and carbon dioxide detectors. Also, if you have a humidifier you use in the Winter make sure you clean it out as bacteria and spores can build up in a dirty water tank.

3) Yard: Unlike our friends in the Mid West and East Coast, we don’t have to prepare for snow.  We also don’t have to turn off the water to outside hoses. However, it’s still a good idea cover your outdoor furniture and grill. December through March are the wettest months in San Diego.

4) Exterior: Start your exterior inspection by checking for peeling or blistering paint. This could leave your home exposed during the wetter Winter months. You’ll also want to inspect your roof, or if its been a while, have a professional roofer inspect it. Lastly, you’ll want to clean your gutters and downspouts.

In addition to having to prepare less for Winter, San Diegans also have more flexibility when it comes to home improvement. Most remodeling jobs can be done year-round. If you have an area of concern or section of your home that you’d like improved talk to Greyhound General today! Schedule your free consultation by calling 800-568-7108 or filling out the form here.


The Cost to Finish a Basement

Many homes sit with unfinished or partially finished basements. As homeowners, finishing your basement may seem like a daunting (and costly) task.

The inevitable question of cost will almost certainly warrant an “it depends” response. Well, it does depend, on a number of factors, including:

  • The square footage of your basement (measure to be exact)
  • Will you have a bathroom? If so, full or half bath? Any specific features, such as a certain tile? Luxury shower or tub?
  • Do you need an escape hatch or egress window? Is there a way out of the basement besides the stairs leading down to it? If not, you’ll need to invest in this.
  • What type of flooring do you want?

It’s important to keep in mind what goes into remodeling a basement, much like any other addition to your home. There’s flooring, dry wall, trim & doors, framing, and painting. This doesn’t even take into account the bathroom remodel.

You also need to factor in the cost of electrical work and audio installation (for a home theater), which is a must if you want that man cave you’ve always dreamed of.

This breakdown isn’t meant to discourage anyone from a basement remodeling project. In fact, as a home owner you can save money by completing several of the tasks on your own.

If you’d like to learn more about the cost to remodel your basement talk to Greyhound General today. Just fill out the form here or call 800-568-7108.

Keeping Your Yard & Home Safe From Fires


With the recent wildfires that broke out in the San Diego area over the past couple weeks now is an opportune time to discuss how you can protect your yard and home from fires. You may never be able to fully protect your home, but taking these simple steps in the Fall & Spring will keep your home safer:

1) Get rid of all dead leaves: clean out your gutters at least twice a year (Fall & Spring) and make sure you rake up all dead grass and leaves. Dead, dry leaves can fuel a fire so make sure they’re picked up off the ground (or in a compost bin).

2) Trim trees and shrubs: it’s wise to create a “fire free” zone at least 30 feet from your home. Make sure all trees are trimmed, especially those near your home and chimney. Also, try to keep bushes and shrubs away from trees to a potential fire from jumping easily.

3) Use backyard fires cautiously: this is a no-brainer, but worth mentioning. You should use fire pits the are on top of non-flammable surfaces, such as stone patios. Make sure you adequately put out your fires and dispose of ashes in a metal container.

4) Plant fire-resistant plants: not only are agave and other succulents great drought-resistant plants to landscape your yard with, they’re also fire-resistant because of all the water stored inside them. Stay away from plants or trees that contain resin or sap as these are typically very flammable.

5) Be wary of where you store fuels: It’s wise to store all propane, gas, pain and solvents in proper containers at least 30 feet from your home. A dry, cool shed works best for storing fuel so take inventory of where you’re storing these items (including saturated rags).

By taking these five steps your yard will more sufficiently protect your home from a potential fire. It goes without saying that keeping matches and lighters away from children will help keep you safe as well. Keeping a fire extinguisher or two in your home and/or garage is also a good idea.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can improve your home’s landscaping, as well as protect it from droughts and fires, talk to Greyhound General today. Just leave us a note here or call 800-568-7108.

Beautiful Backyard Remodel in Carlsbad

Greyhound’s latest project was a backyard transformation for a home in Carlsbad. The design was done by Laura Wireman of Innerspace Designs, and Greyhound provided the actual building plans, permits and engineering.

Some of the projects highlights are:

  • steel pavilion
  • palapa: powder coated steel with “Hardi siding”
  • landscaping
  • landscape lighting
  • fireplace: using natural gas
  • spa

The palapa weighed 1,900 lbs and the support bolder was over one ton, so that in itself made the project a little more challenging. You can see this incredible transformation here:

Special thanks to our sub-contractors and designers, including the aforementioned Laura Wireman; PoolSpecs of San Diego, who constructed the spa; and National Quarries in San Marcos, who provided the granite and did an incredible job on the BBQ countertop, the round palapa bar top, and supporting bolder.

If you’d like to learn more about remodeling your backyard then leave Greyhound a message here, or call us at 800-568-7108.