Upgrading your kitchen cabinets in San Diego

In a previous post I mention how you can remodel your kitchen on a tight budget. I also wrote another article that focused on the best kitchen countertops. In this article I’d like to focus on another key element of you kitchen: your cabinets. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen on your own or hiring a contractor to do the work, you’ll need to make a decision about your cabinets at some point. If you are considering a general contractor, consider one that works with a variety of different styles and even one that can do custom kitchen cabinet design.

A well-versed general contractor will help you through the selection process. If you plan to install your new kitchen cabinets on your own, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1) Do you really need to replace the cabinets? Your cabinets may look a little rough around the edges, but do you really need to tear them out and install new one’s? Consider refinishing or refacing your cabinets. Refinishing simply involves sanding off the old paint or varnish and applying a new coat or two, while refacing involves replacing just the fronts of your cabinets.

2) Plan out the project. You need to account for:

  • Spacing (wall space, cabinet dimensions, alignment with room, etc.)
  • Materials (plan out your entire list ahead of time)

Make sure you have everything planned out.

3) Pre-installation. Before you install the new cabinets, you’ll want to:

  • Remove the old cabinets
  • Remove baseboards for lower cabinets
  • Paint the room
  • Get cabinets ready (remove the doors)

Make sure the kitchen is properly prepped.

4) Install cabinets:

  • Install upper cabinets first (without the doors)
  • Locate the studs in the wall
  • Start in the corner of the room
  • Test the fit, and if necessary, remove cabinets and make any cutouts necessary for electrical outlets, plumbing or hookups
  • Install lower cabinets (make sure to test fit the countertop)
  • Caulk around the sink area & install the sink, then caulk between the back of the countertop and the wall

Get down to the dirty work.

5) Finishing up. Reinstall your appliances and add the baseboards, if you removed them in the beginning.

If this sounds like too much trouble or not detailed enough then maybe you should consider a professional for your next San Diego kitchen cabinet remodeling project. Call San Diego general contractor Greyhound General today to schedule a free estimate: 800-568-7108

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