Adding an attic bedroom to your home

So you have some extra money to invest in your home and you’re wondering which part of it to upgrade? Well, according to Remodeling magazine’s most recent survey, renovating your attic into a bedroom or spare room packs a bigger resale payback than any other room remodel. This may come as news to some, but the resale payback for an attic remodel is 83%, compared to 71% for a mid-range bathroom remodel and 72% for a major kitchen remodel.

With interest rates at an all time low, refinancing your loan can save you thousands monthly, which can ultimately be reinvested in your home. The attic is a great room to remodel, not simply because of its return value. It allows you to add an extra room to the house without having to add on to the structure (which can cost significantly more). Also, if you’ve been storing Christmas decorations, old children’s toys, and other “storage” items in your attic, remodeling can help you get rid of junk and organize items that you want to hold on to.

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