How to remodel your kitchen on a tight budget

In a down economy many people may ask themselves: how can I possibly afford to remodel my kitchen? You may have outdated cabinets, unsightly counter tops, beat up flooring, or just a 1970s style kitchen in need of a serious makeover. You know you need it all (or most of it) replaced, but how can you do it without spending $10,000, $20,000, even $30,000? Well, there are simple things you can do to cut your total expenses significantly.

The first thing you need to do is prioritize. If you are working with a limited budget there’s no way you can remodel every aspect of your kitchen. That’s just the facts. Unless you are a skilled contractor and are willing to spend weeks getting it done on your own, you’ll have to determine what would benefit from a upgrade the most.

Here are some ideas for various sections of your kitchen that you can upgrade on a budget:
1) The sink and faucets
For as little as $300 you can buy a new stainless steel sink. Add a pull out faucet and your total investment can be less than $600. You can opt of the extra deep sinks and chrome or copper faucets for a little more, but they can instantly improve the look of the kitchen.

2) The cabinets
Instead of replacing your cabinets completely, which can be costly, try refacing or refinishing them. For painted cabinets you can simply repaint them, or strip the paint off if you’re feeling adventurous. Staining unpainted cabinets can also brighten up their look. Even if you opt to upgrade other sections of the kitchen, you can upgrade you cabinet knobs for well under a $100.

3) The counter tops
New counter tops can do wonders for improving your kitchen’s look. Some laminates cost as little as $25 per linear foot. While granite and quartz will cost over $100 per linear foot, they are well worth it because of their durability and look.

Some additional things to consider upgrading are: lighting, flooring, appliances and the walls/wallpaper. Of course, if you are considering remodeling your kitchen it is best to contact a trusted kitchen remodeling company to give you a detailed estimate. If you’re in the San Diego area contact Greyhound General today for a free estimate.