Popular Home Color Trends for 2015

If you’re looking to upgrade your home you may not need to remodel. Sometimes a fresh coat or two of paint will do the trick. This is true for kitchen cabinets, bedroom walls, exterior siding, and decks.

So you’re considering painting, but not sure on colors? According to Benjamin Moore, one of the largest paint manufacturers in the US, the color of the year for 2015 is “guilford green.” As you can see here it’s kind of a soft olive color.

Darker tones are also popular this year, particularly deep blues. According to HGTV, blue is the best color for your master bedroom. The reason is that it’s considering soothing, which can help you relax and sleep better. Furthermore, darker colors, like blue, make the room look bigger.

color trends

Due to the elements, painting your home’s exterior is an essential part of your maintenance. How often you need to paint it will depend on the siding.  For wood siding (hardboard or lapped) you’re safe with any color. However, if you go with a drastic color change you should prime with a 100% acrylic latex primer (and possibly 2 coats of paint).

For vinyl siding, avoid selecting a color that is darker than the original color. Darker colors absorb more radiant energy from the sun, which may cause the vinyl to warp.

For aluminum siding, you’ll want to avoid latex primers since they contain ammonia that has a chemical reaction with aluminum. This can the primer to expand and bubble. Instead, opt for an oil-based primer followed by 100% acrylic paint.

For stucco, the key is patching and calking appropriately. Then find a reputable acrylic latex paint. If you’re going light over a dark color you may need two coats.

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