Remodel vs Buy a New Home

San Diego kitchen remodelingIf you’re lucky enough to live in San Diego you know how important location is. If you’re happy about where you live but not happy with your living space you might want to consider some upgrades that don’t involve moving.

Before we address some solutions to common space concerns, I’ll highlight the benefits of remodeling vs buying a new home. First of all, real estate prices are on the rise, especially in San Diego. According to real estate agent John Ranco, the previous president of the Greater Boston Association of Realtors, “remodeling away your house’s shortcomings can cost tens of thousands less than trading up to an already remodeled house, which commands a major premium now.”

Keep in mind that when you move you also have realtor fees and moving expenses. Plus, let’s be honest, no matter how “ready” your new home is, there will always be things you’ll want to modify to really make it yours.

Here are a few solutions to common spacing problems:

1) No first floor bathroom: This is a problem in many pre-war homes, and an inconvenience for guests (especially elder guests). However, if you have a large coat closet, pantry or under-stair area you might be able to add a half bathroom. You really only need about 15-16 square feet. The key here is to work with existing space, if possible, and utilize existing plumbing by building next to, above, or below the laundry room, kitchen, or another bathroom.

2) Small master “suite”: Does you master bedroom leave much to be desired. No walk-in closet of bathroom? Can you barely fit in that king size bed? Consider taking an existing bedroom. While you can certainly save money by knocking down a wall connecting the two bedroom (vs building out or up), this option can really vary in price depending on how extravagant you go with the bathroom. Also, be aware of how many bedrooms your neighbors have, as you don’t want to drop below the neighborhood average, or you could take a hit on your home’s value.

3) Too few bedrooms: So you’ve just combined two rooms into one huge master suite, or you have an unexpected new guest joining the family…what to do? Look up, as in the attic. First of all, you save by not building out, which requires adjustments to the foundation. Secondly, bedrooms do not require plumbing or other expensive appliances. That said, attic remodels can get pricey. You need to have a permanent staircase, and you typically need about 70 square feet of finished space at least 7 feet high. Talk to Greyhound about the latest code requirements.

4) Kitchen too small: This problem, combined with the kitchen simply being outdated, are two of the most common complaints. The simple solution? Knock down a wall. The first place to look is the wall between your kitchen and dining room, or any adjoining room. If you’d like to keep the dining room or living room “as is” consider a small kitchen addition.

These are just a few of the more common spacing problems we run into. Each home is unique and requires unique solutions based on your budget. If you’re considering remodeling your home talk to Greyhound General today. Check out our 5 star reviews on Yelp, or our video collection of beautiful San Diego remodeling projects. we’d be happy to provide a custom quote for you.

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