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Best Time to Remodel

One of the first things people look at when considering when to remodel is the temperature outside. For those on the East Coast or Mid West the Winter temperatures can drop below freezing, and that’s no time to have any of your home exposed to the elements. However, if you’re remodeling your kitchen, a bathroom or a bedroom then you have more options. Here are some other things to consider…

Cost of materials: Buying Winter clothes in June or July will often mean heavy discounts, and the same thing is true of many materials. It’s not necessarily a seasonal thing, like clothing, but it’s more of a matter of supply and demand. It makes sense to purchase materials when they’re cheapest, so planning ahead for remodeling work will allow you to monitor the pricing of the materials you need.

Busyness of Contractors: When contractors are extremely busy they inevitably can devote less attention to your project. It’s similar to going to a restaurant during the dinner rush; you have to wait your turn. It doesn’t necessarily mean the service isn’t “up to snuff,” but it just means that it’s more ideal to be the focal point of your contractor. Also, during the busy season, you’ll have to work more with your contractor on start dates, since they have to juggle multiple projects, whereas in the non-busy season, you can have more of a say when the project starts.

Keep in mind that not all contractors are created equal. The best contractors will help you find the best deals on the highest quality materials. The best contractors will also provide the same excellent service no matter how busy they are. To learn more about what to look for in a general contractor click here.

If you want to talk to an experienced general contractor in San Diego then contact Greyhound General today, or call 800-568-7108.

New Kitchen Remodel by Greyhound General

This latest San Diego kitchen remodeling project by Greyhound General features many new kitchen additions. This amazing new kitchen was completely remodeled in only 45 days. Th project included:

  • Re-engineered structural bearing points and altered framing to eliminate view obstructing wall
  • Installed new kitchen windows
  • Installed new cabinetry
  • Installed new granite countertops
  • Upgraded lighting

Beautiful Pacific Beach Kitchen Remodel

In this amazing Pacific Beach kitchen remodel Greyhound General transformed an outdated kitchen with an obstructed view into a beautiful, modern kitchen with an amazing ocean view. The project included:

  • Interior and Exterior walls and subfloors re-engineered to eliminate view obstructing wall
  • Altered and removed walls, posts and soffits
  • Installed a Coverglass USA frameless door system
  • Installed Showplace cabinets and Silestone countertops
  • Upgraded lighting and appliances
  • Installed recessed LCD TV
  • New tile flooring extending through kitchen onto patio
  • Upgrading your kitchen cabinets in San Diego

    In a previous post I mention how you can remodel your kitchen on a tight budget. I also wrote another article that focused on the best kitchen countertops. In this article I’d like to focus on another key element of you kitchen: your cabinets. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen on your own or hiring a contractor to do the work, you’ll need to make a decision about your cabinets at some point. If you are considering a general contractor, consider one that works with a variety of different styles and even one that can do custom kitchen cabinet design.

    A well-versed general contractor will help you through the selection process. If you plan to install your new kitchen cabinets on your own, here are a few things to keep in mind:

    1) Do you really need to replace the cabinets? Your cabinets may look a little rough around the edges, but do you really need to tear them out and install new one’s? Consider refinishing or refacing your cabinets. Refinishing simply involves sanding off the old paint or varnish and applying a new coat or two, while refacing involves replacing just the fronts of your cabinets.

    2) Plan out the project. You need to account for:

    • Spacing (wall space, cabinet dimensions, alignment with room, etc.)
    • Materials (plan out your entire list ahead of time)

    Make sure you have everything planned out.

    3) Pre-installation. Before you install the new cabinets, you’ll want to:

    • Remove the old cabinets
    • Remove baseboards for lower cabinets
    • Paint the room
    • Get cabinets ready (remove the doors)

    Make sure the kitchen is properly prepped.

    4) Install cabinets:

    • Install upper cabinets first (without the doors)
    • Locate the studs in the wall
    • Start in the corner of the room
    • Test the fit, and if necessary, remove cabinets and make any cutouts necessary for electrical outlets, plumbing or hookups
    • Install lower cabinets (make sure to test fit the countertop)
    • Caulk around the sink area & install the sink, then caulk between the back of the countertop and the wall

    Get down to the dirty work.

    5) Finishing up. Reinstall your appliances and add the baseboards, if you removed them in the beginning.

    If this sounds like too much trouble or not detailed enough then maybe you should consider a professional for your next San Diego kitchen cabinet remodeling project. Call San Diego general contractor Greyhound General today to schedule a free estimate: 800-568-7108

    San Diego kitchen remodeling tips

    Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you’re considering remodeling your kitchen:
    1) Get multiple bids: Investigate more than 1 contractor (unless of course you had a excellent experience with one in the past). Make sure they show proof of their contractors license, workman’s compensation and business insurance. Compare each quote apples-to-apples, and compare the detail each contractor went into, not only in the quote, but also during the estimate.
    2) Investigate each contractor who gives you a bid: God bless the internet. It really helps weed out the “haves” from the “have nots” in any business. If a customer had a bad experience they can vent online. Use the internet to do research on your contractors. Check out their history with the Better Business Bureau. Take a look at the portfolios and testimonials on their website as well. I would encourage you to go even deeper than just the website. Utilize social media to your find more information about each contractor. Look them up on Yelp and check out their Facebook Fan page. The point is to find as much information out as possible before you invest your hard earned money.
    3) Use the right materials: This tip is very much intertwined with tip #1. Often times a contractor with factor in the cost of supplies in the bid. If this is the case then make sure to thoroughly investigate all of the materials being used. Make sure you’re clear with the contractor what your budget is and they should be able to give you several options, including which materials to splurge on where you could possible save some money. For countertops, check out our previous post about the best kitchen countertop solutions .
    4) Set up a payment plan: Make sure you are very clear with the contractor what your budget is, and then work out an appropriate down payment. You should never pay in full before the work has begun. Any reputable contractor will work with you to come up with a fair payment plan.

    Remodeling your kitchen should be a fun experience. If you’re working with a tight budget consider simply upgrading appliances or decor before splurging on new countertops, flooring, cabinets or a completely new floor plan. If you’re in the San Diego area contact today for a free estimte. Or call 800-568-7108.

    What are the best countertops for your kitchen?

    A while back I wote an article about how to upgrade your kitchen on a tight budget. In the article I outline some very basic ideas for sprucing up your kitchen without having to spend tens of thousands for a complete remodel. I want to go into a little more detail in this article about the countertops selection. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen on your own, or you are having a general contractor take care of it, you need to educate your self on the pros and cons of each possibility. As you’ll see below, I’ve broken up your options into low end, middle and high end.

    Low end
    Pros: inexpensive ($35-$45 per sq. foot); fairly easy to clean
    Cons: very cheap; not heat resistant; easily damaged, scratched or chipped; porous
    Consensus: avoid laminates unless all you care about is cost
    Ceramic Tile:
    Pros: cost; heat resistant; can get creative with the tile; can be a do-it-yourself project
    Cons: grout; can be hard to clean; needs to be resealed often; can crack
    Consensus: Ceramic tile allows you to get creative when installing it, but be very careful about the grout installation and making sure it stays sealed
    Solid surface:
    Pros: durability; sand-ability
    Cons: appearance
    Consensus: Not cheap, but not as expensive as stainless steel or granite. It’s all man-made material that can easily be sanded if scratched or gouged. A decent solution, but nothing to write home about
    High end
    Natural or engineered stone:
    Pros: appearance
    Cons: somewhat expensive ($50-$100 per sq. feet), natural stone (granite, quartz, slate) can be porous, while engineered stone holds up better
    Consensus: If you’re looking to sell your home or give your kitchen a more sleek and elegant look then definitely consider stone
    Stainless Steel:
    Pros: appearance
    Cons: expensive, questionable durability, may stain or corrode without significant care or maintenance
    Consensus: Even pricier than stone ($100-$200 per sq. foot). Unless you love this look and are ready to maintain it (or sell your home), stone may give you more “bang for your buck”
    Pros: can get extremely creative with colors and texturing; truly a custom look
    Cons: expensive (up to $100 per sq. foot); very porous
    Consensus: While you can be as creative as your mind desires with concrete, I don’t recommend concrete as a countertop for anything but outdoor kitchens.

    It is important do your research when deciding on a countertop. The best countertop for your kitchen depends on your exact needs. Consulting with a well-established, professional general contractor is also a great idea. For more information on kitchen remodeling in San Diego contact San Diego kitchen remodeler Greyhound General today, or call 800-568-7108.

    How to remodel your kitchen on a tight budget

    In a down economy many people may ask themselves: how can I possibly afford to remodel my kitchen? You may have outdated cabinets, unsightly counter tops, beat up flooring, or just a 1970s style kitchen in need of a serious makeover. You know you need it all (or most of it) replaced, but how can you do it without spending $10,000, $20,000, even $30,000? Well, there are simple things you can do to cut your total expenses significantly.

    The first thing you need to do is prioritize. If you are working with a limited budget there’s no way you can remodel every aspect of your kitchen. That’s just the facts. Unless you are a skilled contractor and are willing to spend weeks getting it done on your own, you’ll have to determine what would benefit from a upgrade the most.

    Here are some ideas for various sections of your kitchen that you can upgrade on a budget:
    1) The sink and faucets
    For as little as $300 you can buy a new stainless steel sink. Add a pull out faucet and your total investment can be less than $600. You can opt of the extra deep sinks and chrome or copper faucets for a little more, but they can instantly improve the look of the kitchen.

    2) The cabinets
    Instead of replacing your cabinets completely, which can be costly, try refacing or refinishing them. For painted cabinets you can simply repaint them, or strip the paint off if you’re feeling adventurous. Staining unpainted cabinets can also brighten up their look. Even if you opt to upgrade other sections of the kitchen, you can upgrade you cabinet knobs for well under a $100.

    3) The counter tops
    New counter tops can do wonders for improving your kitchen’s look. Some laminates cost as little as $25 per linear foot. While granite and quartz will cost over $100 per linear foot, they are well worth it because of their durability and look.

    Some additional things to consider upgrading are: lighting, flooring, appliances and the walls/wallpaper. Of course, if you are considering remodeling your kitchen it is best to contact a trusted kitchen remodeling company to give you a detailed estimate. If you’re in the San Diego area contact Greyhound General today for a free estimate.

    Another Amazing Kitchen Remodeling Project

    One of Greyhound General’s recent kitchen remodeling jobs was the expansion of an 11′ x 24′ kitchen. This kitchen was not only enlarged, it was modernized with a new and amazing look. From the granite counter tops to the stainless steel appliances to the beautiful cabinetry, this was a fabulous job. The client’s testimonial speaks for itself.

    If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, look no further than Greyhound General.

    A Beautiful Kitchen Transformation

    Check out the video below to see yet another amazing Greyhound General kitchen remodel. It involves the transformation of a 1970’s era kitchen to a beautiful, modern kitchen equipped with new:

  • granite
  • tile
  • cabinets
  • ceilings
  • bay window
  • can and pendant lights
  • and much more…
  • Outdoor Kitchen Remodeling and Design- the newest trend

    The newest trend in home remodeling that has become very popular as of late is creating or remodeling your outdoor space. Families looking to spruce up their backyards are opting to design and install outdoor kitchens with nearly all the amenities of their indoor kitchens. Grills, refrigerators, stoves, and sinks are becoming more and more common. While installing pools and hot tubs can be very costly, outdoor kitchen spaces can be done for well under $10,000, depending on the scope of the work.

    There are a few key things to consider before remodeling your backyard living space and installing an outdoor kitchen. First, the materials that your appliances are made of must be taken into account. Stainless steel appliances are usually a good idea as they hold up well against the elements. Just like granite is popular material to use for counter tops indoors, it is also great for outdoors because it is easy to clean and it holds up well over time without ever wearing down. Concrete counter tops is a cheaper alternative to granite that is also very durable. Keep in mind that since concrete counter tops use colored dyes they are susceptible to lightening when exposed to the elements, so make sure to cure and seal these counter tops. It is also a good idea to incorporate some shade into your outdoor kitchen area to protect against the sun and the elements.

    Finally, have some fun with your space. Personalize it to fit your interests and lifestyle. Stereo systems, bars and fire pits are other great ideas to spruce up your outdoor space.